Budget: “a plan for the coordination of resources and expenditures”

My experience will ensure a cost-effective use of any funds which are allocated for my services, regardless of the budget amount. I will approach every task with the intent to provide the best results while minimizing the allotted time needed to accomplish the task.

My Services are billed on an hourly rate and are usually obtained by contract, subcontract, or purchase order. Some service items can be delivered on a fixed cost basis. A detailed proposal will be created based on the project needs.

The proposal can be categorized by task, for example:

  • Project Administration Services
  • Engineering Services During Construction
  • Resident Services During Construction
  • Special Services
  • Special Expenses/Allowances

A detailed description of services for each task will be included. Every proposal will be tailored to meet the needs of the procurement system and eliminate any ambiguity regarding the services to be provided and deliverables. If given enough information I can determine the amount of time needed for each service item and respond accordingly. If the time needed for each task can’t be estimated, then the project schedule can be used a guide.

Invoicing will be in accordance with the procurement system requirements, and terms of the contract. Invoices will include:

  • Date of service
  • Number of hours
  • Description of service item
  • Report reference
  • Total invoiced hours and billing rate
  • Total amount billed for contract
  • If used, Reimbursable expenses will be itemized w/ receipts and separate expense report (if needed).

I can manage the resources dedicated for protective coatings inspection and consulting based on my experience of 134 projects, ranging from 1 service item for 1 day, to 482 service items spanning 3 ½ years. I will diligently monitor my budget in relationship to the overall project schedule, and provide timely updates for the management team.

My hourly rate can be broken-down by salary, overhead, and profit, or as needed. Salary is commensurate to industry benchmarks.